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Document Sleeves

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Document Sleeves, also known as Document Wallets and Carrier Sheets, are used when scanning fragile or oddly shaped documents. They hold the original between two plastic sheets as it goes through the scanner.

Document sleeves from one manufacturer can be used on scanners from another manufacturer.

  • They protect fragile documents.
  • They can be use to hold several documents in position while scanning.
  • They keep the scanner clean when scanning dirty originals such as pencil drawings and newspapers.
  • Carriers with a black back reduce bleed through in the image when scanning double sided documents.

We offer a variety of sizes and types to fit every need.

  • Anytime that you put something in front of the original document there will be a slight affect on the color of the scan. Thinner material (measured in mils) creates a less noticeable color change, but is less durable. Thicker materials tend to be more durable but have a slightly more noticeable color change. Black and white scanning is not typically affected.
  • When scanning originals printed on both sides, a black background helps to reduce image bleed through from the back of the original.
  • When possible, select a size that is slightly larger than the original that you are scanning.


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